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Witnessing the suffering of people around the world in dire need, it pushed us to donate 10% of the revenue of this website, not just for now, but all year around.

We have decided to support the International Commitee of the Red Cross, for their reach, their knowledge and ability to meddle for the benefit of civilians cought in the middle of conflict.

In support of people in need we call on everbody, who have the ability, to support in any way possible.

Below we have compiled links to where you can contribute to the situation in Ukraine.
Note that, as part of the Russian disinformation campaign, there are sites posing as some of the organizations below. Always double-check the URL before donating.

Donate to International Commitee of the Red Cross Ukraine

The donation button above goes to a general IRCR donation page. The link below takes you to a page where you can earmark you donation for Ukraine.

Razom Ukraine

Razom (Together in Ukrainan) provides critical medical supplies inside of Ukraine and monitors the situation on the ground.
Razom was born out of the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 when millions of people worked together and risked their lives to build a pathway to a better future for Ukraine.


Care is focusing on supporting women and families with emergency food, water, shelter, hygiene kits.

Come Back Alive

Come Back Alive is a Kyiv based organization that allows you to donate to directly support the Ukrainian soldiers with immediate necessities, food, supplies

Sunflower of Peace

Sunflower of Peace provides tactical medical backpacks for people, soldiers and civilians, injured on and around the frontlines of the agression. ⁣⁣


World Central Kitchen

WCK running food across borders 24/7 for families (primarily women and children) in Ukraine - and also providing food to refugee camps in neighboring countries like Poland and Romania: 


Share The Meal

Run by the United Nations World Food Program, Share The Meal is an app where you can give as much or as little as you want. They are currently funding a program aiming at delivering 6,5 million meals for Ukraine and its refugees.

For iOS
For Android


The United Nations Refugee Agency. UNHCR has stepped up their operations and capacity in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. They remain firmly committed to support all affected populations in Ukraine and countries in the region.

Thank you to Slinko for providing links and insight into the Ukranian organisations.