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Free Shipping for all order above 150€

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Origin: France, Belgium
Certificates: Oeko-Tex


  • Linen is a bast fiber.
  • Linen requires no irrigation and can be grown even in poor soil. It requires no chemicals.
  • Linen is grown in rotation, nourishing the soil for other crops. It is also always non-GMO.
  • A breathable fabric, linen is strong and absorbent. It’s more durable and dries faster than cotton. Its naturally cooling properties make it an appealing summer wear and layering option.
  • Linen production is almost zero waste and leftovers like flax dust can be used for insulation. The seeds can provide oil and the by-products of linen production can be processed into a pulp.
  • As linen fabric is said to get softer with age and each wash, having and caring for a linen garment for a long time is covetable.
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