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We recommend a cold wash on a gentle cycle using natural detergent and hang drying for all our products. A colder wash saves electricity, the gentle cycle wears the fabric down less, natural detergent (especially with neutral PH) can retain the colour and elastane for longer and hang drying is easier on the clothing and the environment. Hand washing is always a good option too. If you are not separating delicates, use a laundry bag to protect the fabric from getting damaged. Look for a dense fabric for the laundry bag.

To reduce washes, we recommend airing or freezing your garments and spot cleaning whenever you have a stain. Airing helps in getting rid of the odour and you can do this by leaving your clothing outside overnight. Freezing gets rid of smell, mildew, and moths and is effective when done for 6-12 hours. This helps keep your clothes in better condition for longer and ensures the colours don’t fade.

Washing synthetic fibres releases microplastics into the water system, especially during the first washes, but washing the synthetic blend fabrics in a laundry bag that captures the microfibres allows you to dispose of the microfibres properly. You can also use a laundry ball or a washing machine filter. 

The clothes can shrink about 5-7% in the wash.

Knits should be stored folded, as hanging knitwear can change the shape. Put cedar wood or lavender in your drawers and make sure your knitwear is clean when you store it to avoid moths.


Dye care and evenness

Naturally dyed garments are sensitive to sun exposure. To ensure colorfastness, do not dry or store in direct contact with the sun.

Natural materials fade more than synthetics because the dye is added on during the dyeing process, whereas for synthetics the dye is bonded with the fiber during the fiber-making stage. Durable fabrics like jerseys retain color better than delicate materials like linen and silk. Friction, heat and sun exposure are the main reasons colors fade. It is especially important to be careful when washing black and dark-colored clothing.

To retain color, here is our guidance:

  • Wash similar colors together, regardless of how many times they have been washed
  • Wash clothes in cold water, as heat opens the bond between the dye and fiber
  • Wash clothes inside out to avoid friction
  • Do not stuff the laundry too full of clothes, as it will cause friction and clothes may not be cleaned and rinsed properly
  • Use a short wash and gentle cycle to reduce friction
  • Liquid detergent is more favorable, as it ensures there is no residue on the clothes

Even if you follow all the instructions, dyes will fade in the wash.

Find some of our guidance for overdyeing here.