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Recycled Cashmere

Recycled Cashmere
Origin: China
Certificates: Oeko-Tex


  • Originates from goats in Kashmir, India.
  • Cashmere goats live in the wild with the herders.
  • When goats are grazing, they pull grass out by the root, which stops it from being able to regenerate.
  • We use recycled cashmere, as the effects of cashmere goats on the land from herding and cashmere production are too harsh.
  • Using recycled cashmere allows us to reduce methane emissions from goats, and reduce land use and water pollution from washing cashmere.
  • Recycled cashmere uses less energy, dye, and water than virgin cashmere. It also reduces the amount of fabric going into landfill and keeps materials in circulation for longer.
  • It is a durable and resilient fabric that resists wrinkles and maintains shape well. The fabric is also warmer than wool.
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