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Recycled Cashmere

Recycled Cashmere
Origin: Mongolia
Certifications: Oeko-Tex
  • Originates from goats in Kashmir, India.
  • Cashmere goats live in the wild with the herders.
  • The yield and quality of cashmere are very dependent on the environment and are affected by temperatures and the goat’s diet. This is why cashmere goats only live in specific grassland environments.
  • The goats grow two coats of hair, with the inner one being soft and fine. The inner coat is only a small percentage of the full fleece and sheds naturally in spring when harvested. 
  • When goats are grazing, they pull grass out by the root, which stops it from being able to regenerate. Traditional grazing methods considered this by having more sheep instead of goats to keep the land from degrading.
  • We use recycled cashmere, as the effects of cashmere goats on the land from herding and cashmere production are too harsh.
  • Using recycled cashmere allows us to reduce methane emissions from goats, and reduce land use and water pollution from washing cashmere. 
  • Recycled cashmere uses less energy, dye, and water than virgin cashmere. It also reduces the amount of fabric going into landfill and keeps materials in circulation for longer. 
  • It is a durable and resilient fabric that resists wrinkles and maintains shape well. The fabric is also warmer than wool.
  • The fabric can be dyed easily.