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Recycled Wool

Recycled Wool
Origin: France, China
Certifications: GRS, Oeko-tex


  • Making recycled fabric uses less energy, dye, and water than virgin materials.
  • It also reduces the amount of fabric going into landfill and keeps materials in circulation for longer.
  • Recycled wool yarns are shorter and easily break during production. We combine recycled wool with other fibers, like polyamide to make the fabrics more durable and reduce waste in production.
  • Wool is the most recycled fiber and was the first fiber to be recycled.
    Wool has the potential to last at least 30 years and be recycled two or more times.
  • Recycling wool results in reduced methane emissions from sheep, reduced land use and water pollution from washing wool.
  • The wool we use is recycled in a closed loop system, meaning fibers are turned into yarn to create new products of similar quality and use to the original

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