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Free Shipping for all order above 150€

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Regenerative Fabrics

 Regenerative Fabrics
Origin: Australia
Certificates: Oeko-Tex


  • Regenerative agriculture is the process of working with nature to restore degraded soils using a closed-loop system.
  • This is done through various methods such as doing crop rotation to introduce nutrients to the soil, low tilling of the ground like digging the soil to store more carbon dioxide and using compost.
  • The practices implemented are dependent on the local ecosystem. There are no fixed practices, rather it is about adopting holistic principles of farming that improve soil health.
  • It increases biodiversity, makes the soil more flood and drought resilient, has larger yields and enhances the habitat for wildlife.
  • Regenerative agriculture also improves the cleanliness of water and lessens pollution, as no pesticides are used. Increased nutrient levels in the soil also help store more carbon dioxide.
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