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Community Conversations
with Alex & Dydine

Episode 19

Special guest Mina Alyeshmerni

This Conversation took place in Los Angeles, CA
October, 2023

Mina’s Biography 

Mina Alyeshmerni, the founder and owner of Maimoun, is a first generation Persian-American and opened her online boutique, Maimoun, in 2016. Living in New York City most of her adult life, Mina gained her experience working for industry greats such as Donna Karan and Barneys New York, while gaining her education at Syracuse University and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Although Maimoun has an undeniable NY undertone, Mina traveled to Los Angeles a few years ago where she opened her first physical flagship boutique in April 2023. The store operates dually as an art space and retail sanctuary where young emerging talents are showcased regularly, infusing the local Los Angeles community with her unique curatorial sense, frequented often by the art and fashion crowd. Maimoun favors rare and one-off pieces from yet-to-be discovered artists, featuring unique materials, with meticulous attention to construction as future heirloom acquisitions rather then of-the-moment cyclical trends.  In the coming years, Mina has plans to continue grow the space into other categories that she feels an intrinsic connection to. 
Maimoun is derived from the Persian language word “meh-moun” meaning the company or guest(s) who are invited to visit your home for a gathering. We welcome you into our online home where you are encouraged to wander through an edited collection of pieces from around the world. Our focus is finding new and established artists who honor the traditional, slow and thoughtfully carried out process of creation and construction. These pieces come together across clothing, home, print, and beauty, with the intention of offering you items that blend into and build out the individual context around you.

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