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Community Conversations
with Alex & Dydine

Episode 10

As an immigration lawyer, who immigrated herself, how would you describe the process people have to go through to feel safe and at home in an unsettling situation?

Special Guest Monica (Momo) Ren: Immigration



The Conversation took place on Instagram Live.
October, 2021

Monica Ren’s Biography

My name is Momo Ren, I am an immigration lawyer in NYC. I have my own law firm, it is small but growing fast. I come from Beijing, and came to the United States for my master study in law around ten year ago. When I was young  I was not quite sure what it means to be a lawyer, but I knew as a certainty that I love helping people and seeing people succeed.  Once I finished law school and passed NY bar, I was thrilled to find that I could utilize my expertise and cultural background to help likely minded people with talent all around the world to arrive and thrive in the United States—-that was why I chose to practice immigration law initially.  Looking back on what I achieved, I am gratefully that I chose a career that combined my interests with my skills.