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Community Conversations
with Alex & Dydine

Episode 2

Yeah. So, you've been protesting, you've been speaking out you've been active, if not every other day. Do you see change? Do you have hope? How's that look for you?

Special guest Arin Degroff.
Activism Among Youth.

The conversation took place on Instagram live
Sept 13, 2021

Arin Degroff biography

My story begins about 11 years ago when I asked myself for the first time; ‘what does it mean to love yourself Arin?’ I found myself perpetually frustrated that no one could tell me how to love myself, what it looked like, how they did it or let alone even know how to talk about it. At the time, I was not aware of the weight of my question nor did I know that the Universe would provide me the exact experiences I needed to discover the answers.

In life, I believe the smallest moments are the strings that stitch everything together. What brought me here today was a chain of moments and decisions; ones that I could trace back to childhood, leaving home, graduating college, moving into my first apartment or even a coin toss. All beautiful stories worth sharing and significant turning points in life, but none as potent as the choice I am consistently making to show up for the discovery of myself. By doing so, I find gratitude for life in the present moment which enables me to continue unlocking the gifts within me that have been the catalyst to my life as an artist, activist and energy practitioner.

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