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Community Conversations
with Alex & Dydine

Episode 6


Surviving an acid attack is one thing, surviving after surviving is another thing. How did you do it?

Special guest Monica Singh.

"Okay, so usually what I have noticed in people, they want to tag as a victim, because they want to see what you are. But then I also say that the victim has a “period” sign in front of it. But as a survivor, there’s a “comma” because being a survivor means we keep going. And then people going to say is like, “Oh can you imagine if this didn't happen to you? What would have happened I was like?” I mean, I didn’t imagine right now what will happen next in my future.How can I say what would what would have been? It might have been more normal."

Monica Singh


The conversation took place on Instagram live
February 21, 2021 

Monica Singh Biography

Monica Singh is an Indian-American fashion Philanthrophist business woman. She has been working with renowned fashion designers and influencers to cultivate sustainable and socially impactful fashion model. Educated from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, India in Fashion Design with specialization in Trend forecasting & Business and Fashion Marketing from Parsons School of Design, New York U.S. She has been working in Fashion industry for over 12 years in diverse position where she is implementing her skills and knowledge from different part of the world to create products and goods for international consumers.
Monica is a partner of Conscious Fashion Campaign of United Nations Foundation to encourage the brands and designers to create ethical standards and sustainable methods in fashion based on UN goals to eliminate the negative impact of textile industry in the world. She also runs a non-profit organization based in New York to support women with violent experiences and help them to learns skills and get educated to become strong & independent in their lives. Monica has been covered over 1000 publications in Media online as well as offline, Radios and Television like New York Times, BBC and Times of India and CBC radio to name a few & inspired millions of women and men in the world.

Monica is also UN women youth Ambassador and award winning speaker on various topics including gender based violence & sustainable fashion.

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