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Community Conversations
with Alex and Dydine

Episode 9

Why is it important for you to take a stance for human right?

“I think it’s important to create your own evolution, we continue empowering each other, and create miracles. I think we can.”

Special guest Alexia Vassiliou : It’s important to create your own evolution

The conversation took place on Instagram live
May 8, 2021

Alexia Vassiliou Biography

Alexia Vassiliou also known as Alexia, is an Award-winning, Multi-Gold and Platinum, cross-genre, conceptual Vocal Artist - Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Social Activist.

With a career spanning 40 years, and 45 recorded albums, Alexia has developed her own authentic, eclectic, sophisticated musical sound, informed and inspired by a plethora of influences and genres – Jazz, Classical, Electronic, Experimental, Improvisation, Avant-garde, Trip hop, World music, Gospel, Spiritual and Folk.

Alexia’s innate vocal abilities, phrasing, timber, and vibrato, personify the very essence of Alexia’s innovative sound, as she performs her dexterous vocal leaps, effortlessly changing tonalities, while at the same time improvising to alter the melody, rhythm, and harmony; bending her voice revealing the impressive highs and lows of her remarkable 3-octave contralto; transcending her genres of influence into the realm of intellectual abstract, high art.

Known for crossing Multiple Music Genres, Alexia was the first female voice/singer to bring modern Pop music to the Hellenic/Greek-speaking world, with the highest grossing debut Platinum album, “ALEXIA” («AΛΕΞΙΑ»), in the history of music in Greece. 

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