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Community Conversations
with Alex & Dydine

Episode 14

What benefits did you see with yoga starting out?

Special guest Jordan Ashley: Yoga access for our mental health 

This conversation took place on Instagram live.
October, 2022

Jordan Ashley biography

Jordan Ashley first had a taste of global seva (Sanskrit word meaning selfless service) when she completed two study abroad programs. The first in Siem Reap, Cambodia where she taught English and women's self-empowerment through the Ponheary Ly Foundation. The other in Dharamsala, India where she lived with a Tibetan family and studied the community in diaspora.

Between completing her 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training, Jordan uprooted to Southeast Asia where she worked as a reporter focusing on NGO coverage for the Phnom Penh Post and also worked as a journalist in Bangkok, Thailand.

She is an activist, writer, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur. When she's not traveling, Jordan splits her time between New York and London with her dog, Maya..

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